Abandoned Coffee Bus in the New Mexico Desert

I wonder what the last thing ordered from this coffee ice cream bus was? - made with a Nikon D750 and Tamron 15-30mm tripod mounted 5-bracket HDR processed in Aurora HDR 2019

If it was open I would have gotten a hot cocoa!

I spent three hours roaming the desert in Socorro County, New Mexico on a rural land shoot. I had five properties to get to criss crossing along a 7 mile path. My very last stop was back at the first stop, where I returned to get some sunset and twilight photos of the property. On the drive in I noticed this funky colored school bus up on a small hill. After I got the shots I needed for my client, I trekked a bit across the desert and up the hill to see if I could get a decent photo of the bus. It looks to be not so long ago abandoned from the quality of the signs still, but there are shrubs growing under and around it already.

How did this bus get here? Where did the owners used to sell ice cream and coffee? This spot is miles and miles from any kind of populated area. How did they drive it down the dirt road I took in to reach this spot? What was the last thing ordered from this bus business?

These are some of the questions that came to my mind as I stood there in the cold, with my camera, after three long hours of shooting. It was a nice end to the day.