Best Actor Headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico with Victoria

Hair Toss Actor Headshot in Albuquerque

More and more actors in Albuquerque are choosing me at their headshot photographer and I could not be more flattered. Victoria visited the JCP Home Studio having had headshots made before, but not full on professional ones. She realized how important it is to have the absolute best headshot possible in the very competitive acting field. We shot on both a white and a black background to get a dramatically different look, without even really a lighting change. That’s the power of just using contrasting backgrounds. We did take time also for a fun new headshot style I wanted to try, the hair toss! Check out how fun and dynamic the headshot is below. Victoria spun in place while holding a smile and the results speak for themselves. That is one unique headshot!

Going outside the box for actor headshots in Albuquerque

The best actor headshots in New Mexico!