Coffee + Creatives Unconference 2019 Albuquerque Event Photography

Amazing candid from the Coffee + Creatives Unconference 2019 in Albuquerque New Mexico

Some of the best candid event photos I have ever made!

Coffee + Creatives is a very active group in the Albuquerque community, which I, myself, participate in as well in the very, very active Facebook group, and also during the bi-weekly in person meetups. So I was very flattered to be asked to photograph their 2019 Unconference. The first event I photographed was a panel discussion on how to build a community that values creative work. This was a very passionate moderate discussion punctuated by a strong audience Q&A at the end. It was also a treasure trove of candid photo opportunities, which are my absolute favorites to make when photographing events. This was a fantastic event to photograph and be a part of! Be sure and come to the next C+C meetup! Contact me for when and where, or better yet, join the Facebook group!

The best candid event photographer in Albuquerque

Scenes from the 2019 Unconference in Albuquerque

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The fantastic panelists at the Unconference