DSLR Photography Lesson with Cindy & her Canon T1i

Cindy holding her Canon T1i properly with the left palm under the lens

Cindy recently joined the DSLR world and having already booked a trip to Alaska for 2011 wants to get a head start on being able to make some great shots of the vistas and wildlife in the land of the midnight sun.  So she brought her Canon T1i to downtown St. Petersburg for our first DSLR Photography Lesson to learn how to make shots with bokeh on purpose, how to photograph moving objects and basically learn which settings need to be changed when switching to a different shooting style or subject matter.  

Cindy photographs a great egret during our DSLR photography lesson in Vinoy ParkI feel that the Canon T1i makes changing settings easier than on the Canon 7D (twice the price) because it has single, dedicated buttons for ISO, WB and focus mode (though sporadically laid out).  As I suggest to all students, I told Cindy to become obsessed with checking settings as much as possible.  Sure enough, some how one time her white balance got changed back to AWB rather than daylight.  

Cindy says she lives near the area of St. Petersburg called the "jungle" so I look forward to seeing her shots from there and also to our next lesson. 

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