DSLR Photography Lesson with Deb & her Canon 7D

Deb learned which lenses to use on her Canon 7D depending on the subject she is photographingDeb mentioned before our DSLR Photography Lesson in downtown St. Petersburg that she had a 70-200mm lens, she did not mention though it was the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L lens!  She also mentioned that she did not really use it that much, not realizing the power of that lens.  I immediately began to sing its praises and how it was the best piece of photography kit in her bag.  

red shouldered hawk with preyFirst though I showed her how to navigate all the controls on her Canon 7D, which Canon does not necessarily make that easy to do since it pairs often changed settings to a single button.  Soon though I had Deb constantly checking and confirming her aperture, ISO, WB and focal mode/points (the order I set & check things in) as we walked around making different kinds of shots (shallow DoF, moving subject, etc).  We even had the chance to photograph a red-shouldered hawk eating prey in a tree.  Deb lives on 3-acres of land and said many birds can be found on her property so I hope she takes out her 70-200mm and 7D each day to practice shooting and start documenting all the wildlife she gets to call neighbors.

Deb works for Ambassador Limo whose clientele overlaps with mine so we talked some about combining our professional services to provide an even stronger product for clients.  I look forward to this very much and also to our next DSLR photography lesson once her external flash arrives! 

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