DSLR Photography Lesson with Chris at St. Petersburg Saturday Market

Chris (Topaz Adjusted) photographing some crafts at the St. Petersburg Saturday Market

The return of sunshine to Saint Petersburg brought with it a first DSLR Photography Lesson with Chris, a new Nikon D90 owner, as well as Tamron XR Di II 17-50mm f/2.8 lens owner, and even a new Nikon Speedlight SB-600 owner.  Does some of this gear sound familiar?  That might be because I also use the same Tamron lens and Nikon Speedlight for a majority of my professional photography work.  Chris took my advice to buy the D90 body only, eschewing the kit lens package, and going right for a very quality, and affordable lens in the Tamron 17-50mm.  

Chris had some photography knowledge and was fairly well practiced with adjusting settings on his D90, he even asked for homework before our first lesson!  I can tell you teachers really love to give homework, so I was happy to oblige.  So our lesson got off to a fairly in-depth discussion of photography techniques and theory.  

Taking a break from the Saturday Market crowds to photograph some sun thirsty flowers hiding behind some bushes.

The time passed by very quickly and we had just a little time left to practice off camera flash portraits.  This is something we will practice more in our next lesson for sure.  Chris is already well on his way to making photography a regular creative outlet and pursuit.  I look forward to assigning him some more homework!