Second DSLR Photography Lesson with Kandy along Coffee Pot Blvd

We ran into someone Kandy knew during our DSLR photography lesson along Smacks Bayou

Somehow two months passed since Kandy's first DSLR photography lesson.  Her trip to Baha to photograph whales is coming up next weekend, so today we went to the Smacks Bayou area along Coffee Pot Blvd to photograph flying birds over the water in the best simulation of the conditions she will find on her trip.  There were pelicans and gulls and the odd roseate spoonbill, however, even though Kandy has the outstanding Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM L series lens, the distance the birds were from us made it a challenge.  They would tease us and fly closer for a bit, but then u-turn back to their beloved tiny rookery island.

This fellow could not be happier spending his Saturday morning in the warm Florida winter sunshineWhile walking down Brightwaters Avenue Kandy surprisingly ran into someone she knew (top most photo).  After this surprise encounter we made our way back toward the North Shore Blvd area and found a group of people playing a kind of controlled football scrimmage.  This gave us another chance to practice fast moving actions shots.  

We also spent some time trying to master changing less common settings on Kandy's Canon 50D.  With a little help from her cheat sheet I think we finally made some progress!  Thank you for your patience Kandy as I get better learning the Canon system myself, being a Nikon shooter.  

I look forward to seeing Kandy's whale photographs when she returns!