Photo Story: The bird rookery that stinks up millionaires homes

Photo Story is a new addition to the Jason Collin Photography website.  In these posts I will tell in detail the story about the featured photograph.  That story may be what is actually captured in the image, or the story of what it took me to make the image, or both.

I was not even sure about this photograph because of the unusual composition I tried with it (framing it with the boat docks).  However, it received no criticisms on flickr even though I asked for them.  I often use flickr to gauge what the general public thinks of my photographs, as what I think is cool is often not necessarily what attracts the most attention on flickr, a more general, albeit informed, photography audience.

Anyway, the island in the center is a crowded rookery for quite a few species of bird (pelicans, ibises, herons, etc.).  This gathering of birds creates a very large . . . stink.  Even though the island is in fact a good distance from the sidewalk I was standing on, and the houses are further behind a small street, no doubt if you'd open a window the odor would waltz right in.  I have cycled past this island quite a few times, and the wind seems to always carry it in the same direction.  I always think, "these people have million dollar homes, but it stinks a lot of the time."  This fascinates me for some reason.  I like thinking of the conundrum of, "you could be given one of these homes, but you'll have to live with the stink."  I also wonder if the owners of the houses were fully aware of the stink, or if they someone got lucky the first few times they checked the house out and the wind was blowing the other way so they had no idea of the smell until after they signed the deed?  

The photograph above cannot relay the smell to the viewer, but if you ever find yourself near the Snell Isle area of St. Petersburg, give it a pass by and think if you could make the compromise of living in a million dollar+ house, with the windows closed all the time.  Then let me know what you decide in the comments below.