Brooksville Rock Processing Haikyo

the view from the back

While in the west-central Florida countryside town of Brooksville looking for trails to hike on in the Withlacoochee State Forest, I had an eye open for any possible haikyo in the area.  On the way into the state forest proper we (me, Aya & Kiki) had driven right past the above haikyo because my eyes were searching more for trail heads rather than teetering silos.  Even on the way back this one was hard to see from the road as the front was largely blocked by trees.  Once past that obstacle, however, there was a curving, and thus hidden, driveway to park on and an open door right inside!

I will definitely go back to this haikyo for a follow-up as I only had my 50mm and 105mm lenses with me and Aya and Kiki waiting patiently outside.

maybe a hurricane knocked this structure down?

the ladder on the silo may be in good enough condition to climb still

not much was left inside

I swear I head someone playing an arcade game from up on this structure

I didn't even take any time to play with these controls