DSLR Photography Lesson with Kandy at St. Pete's Saturday Market

Kandy with her Canon 50D and fabulous Canon 70-200mm L IS f/2.8 lens during our DSLR Photography lesson at the Saturday Market in downtown Saint Petersburg.

This morning was my first semi-cold weather DSLR Photography Lesson of the year, and it was a another very fun one.  I met the student, Kandy, at Williams Park with the intention of beginning our lesson photographing the Art in the Park show, which we learned upon arrival was relocated more toward Straub Park.  Kandy has great kit in the form of a Canon 50D and especially her Canon 70-200mm L IS f/2.8 lens.  For our first lesson she wanted to focus on what settings can produce the best results for photographing outdoor events, like Art in the Park.  We covered in detail the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, and what focus modes to use for moving or still subjects.  Kandy learned new terms like "stop down" and "bokeh."

Kandy practicing some event photography at downtown Saint Petersburg's weekly Saturday Market.

We went over to the much more crowded Saturday Market which allowed us to practice photographing a live band, something Kandy has done on her own a lot already.  Here we focused on trying to get clean backgrounds and sharp images for the members of the band.  

Toward the end of the lesson we practiced some manual settings for allowing wanted motion blur in a subject, though the wooden hummingbirds did not want to cooperate very well.  The lesson flew by as usual and I made the two above portraits of Kandy which is part of the DSLR lesson photography package.  

Kandy will soon be putting her photography skills to use on a trip to Baja to photograph whales!  

Thanks again to Kandy for meeting on a chilly morning and being such a good student, even stopping to write down notes!


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