Florida Pine Island Sepia Landscapes

A wetland shore of Pine Island, Florida, captured in sepia landscape.The day before Thanksgiving I was perusing the Silver Efex Pro official product site and discovered there are downloadable custom styles.  I was very stoked about this as Silver Efex Pro has me totally in love with black & white photography.  All photographs in this post are 7-bracket HDR images processed in Photomatix Pro 3, then adjusted in Color Efex Pro 3, before finally having the newly downloaded "sepia landscape" filter applied to them in Silver Efex Pro.  They were all made on Thanksgiving evening.

To me Thanksgiving "feels" like a sepia holiday, thus my choice of the "sepia landscape" filter for this and all the other images.


The owners of these houses are treated to amazing, daily sunsets. Sepia makes them to me seem more like the original Florida houses they imitate.


The mud was soft & deep in this wetland, only those with Goretex shoes (such as msyelf) and nimble paws (such as puppy Kiki) dared trod close to the shore, for a taste.