Construction Site Promotional Drone Video Photos New Mexico

Sunrise construction drone video

This was my first drone video assignment for DroneHive which took me up to Waterflow, New Mexico, which is just west of Farmington.  Things only got finalized less than 24 hours before I was supposed to fly, which was at 6:30am in the morning!  From Monday afternoon I had to quickly find a hotel, get my gear packed up, then drive the 3.5 hours to Farmington, get to sleep asap, then before I knew it I was awake at 5:15am to drive to the construction site!  I also did not really know what kind of flying I would be doing, or if I would be even flying my own drone!  I am realizing just like being a professional photographer, being a certified drone pilot means having maximum flexibility with the need to produce results with very little, if any, prep time!  

Once I arrived at the construction site and met with Stevie, the project engineer, I was relieved to find out they only wanted cinematic drone video of two sections of pipe being put into a huge, 40 foot hole, not any kind of mapping or anything like that.  The results are the video you see above.  Though they did not ask, I did take some aerial drone photos as well just in case.  One other bonus, I got to see a few antelope on the drive in before sunrise.

Aerial Drone Photos of Construction Site in New Mexico