Sedillo New Mexico Rural Land Real Estate Drone Video & Photography

My latest rural land real estate drone video and photo shoot assignment had me going to not so far away Sedillo, New Mexico for Hemingway Land Company.  Not only was this the closest I have traveled for a rural land shoot, it was also one of the only times a paved road went right up to the property!  This was a very nice subdivision that you would never know is there because it is hidden in a valley and then winds up to a ridge.  You can get a sense of this topography in the drone video above and the aerial drone photos below. 

I take great pride in having become the best rural land photographer and drone pilot in the state. No photographer offers the service I do making great still photos from the ground with my Nikons, included the best sunset HDR shots, and also cinematic 4K drone video to make even a flat rectangle of dirt look good.  This time the land was dramatic and I featured all those sweeping views and the ridge of the neighborhood in the drone video.

If you are a rural land broker in New Mexico, or buy property in New Mexico, or even buy in Arizona, Utah or Colorado, I travel all over the area and produce results that sell land faster.  I have photographed and flown over dozens of rural land properties and remove a pain point in the land buying and selling process.  Just give me the GPS coordinates and the job gets done!