Rural Life on the Highway Real Estate in Valencia County New Mexico

Rural life on the highway in Valencia County, New Mexico

Cloud life on the highway in New Mexico

For regular followers, you will know that I have been spending a lot of time in Valencia County, New Mexico off of Highway 6 that leads from I-40 to Las Lunas. It just so happened that due to their suddenly being good clouds, I made an all afternoon return trip for a 6-property shoot on a Sunday afternoon. I try and not even look at my cameras or my desk, or anything like that on Sundays, but I knew the forecast was not great for the rest of the week and the client really wanted good clouds in the sky. So to get the shots wanted I went even on a Sunday afternoon, which is what one needs to do if you want to be the best rural land real estate photographer in the state, you go when there are clouds.

Through barbed wire!

This particular property was right off the highway. As you can see in the top photo there are no driveways, and in fact, barbed wire fence extends the entire length of it so I had to squeeze through that spiky wire while holding my camera to get the shots you see below. Almost nothing can stop me from delivering for a client!

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The best rural land real estate photography in New Mexico

Views of the desert from just south of I-40 in New Mexico

Watch the sun set over the desert in New Mexico