Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Taos New Mexico Drone Video Photos

Experience counts when flying a drone

When I first got my DJI Mavic Pro drone in November 2017, the first place I really flew it was in Taos, New Mexico.  Driving there I had no idea there was a mini-Grand Canyon just on the edge of the town, so to my great surprise was the Rio Grande Gorge revealed to me!  I thought the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge would be a great place to fly the drone, but having such little flying experience and with it being so windy when I visited the bridge, the drone stayed in its case that time.  Fast forward to the present, with dozens of flights of experience, having already flown under the Bixby Bridge, with the weather at near ideal conditions I did not hesitate to fly over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge this time!

Rio Grande Gorge Aerial Drone Photos

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Photos from my Nikon D750