Fly Under Bixby Bridge in Big Sur 4K Drone Video

For over a decade (or my whole life?) I daydreamed about driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in California going from Santa Monica, turning right where there is no more Road left, then following the Pacific Ocean all the way up to Monterey, stopping at such famous places as the Bixby Bridge.  Recently I got to fulfill that dream and had my DJI Mavic Pro drone with me.  I got bold, and flew it right under the bridge!

Bixby Bridge was as stunning of a vista as I had long daydreamed it to be - Nikon D750 with Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 SP tripod mounted 5-bracket HDR

I of course had my Nikon D750 with me as well.  Even though it was late morning, the light was still good and there were few people or cars around the bridge on a weekday.  Setup on my tripod I made a 5-bracket exposure and really got to see how good my new HDR processing software is, Aurora HDR 2018 (thanks for the Christmas present Jess!).  This is a photo I will have printed for myself and put over my fireplace to gaze upon when I need a break working at my desk, reminding me that the photography business is more than a hustle, that the hustle is what let's you get to places like this, and maybe even one day live right next to it.