Albuquerque Car Show Photography - NMCCC 35th Annual Museum Car Show

This was the biggest hard top convertible I have ever seen!

I like 50mm at car shows

At car shows it is hard to get a great shot of a complete car due to lack of space, lots of people, and lots of reflections in the sparkling paint jobs on display. That’s why I often focus on details and bring either my macro lens or my 50mm lens to show off one particular feature of a car that catches my eye. I really like the dashboards of classic cars so I always get some of those shots. This time what stood out to me most was the largest convertible hard top I have ever seen frozen in motion (see above). Or maybe it was the 1950s car seat??? (see below) What stands out the most to you from the 35th Annual NMCCC Museum Car Show?

Classic cars in and out

1950s Car Seat