Boating on Navajo Dam Lake Drone Video New Mexico

On the lake in a boat with a drone

Navajo Dam Lake is probably my favorite area of New Mexico. This is my third trip to the area just this year and fifth overall. I have seen it in all seasons now. This trip was quite different however. I still went up to photograph and fly over a rural land real estate property. However, there was extra time and Jessica’s parents were on their way back from Monument Valley so we all met up at Abe’s Motel & Fly Shop (home of the best French toast in New Mexico) then rented a boat at the marina right on Navajo Dam Lake. I brought my drone with me out onto the boat and quickly realized flying from the actual moving object you are recording is quite a challenge! I would let the drone hover so I can frame the shot, but the boat kept moving, so you see me in the above video often looking at the control screen to make sure I am keeping the boat in frame and at the same time actually try and make the video a bit cinematic, even though this was just a fun video for family memories.

If you look closely you can catch a glimpse of my dog Kiki who just was relaxing on the deck of the boat the whole time. Jessica’s dog Artie, however, can be seen dancing! And her parent’s dog, Mo, even drives the boat!