Monument Valley Utah Sunrise Professional Photographs

6am in Monument Valley Utah

I have been to many places around the world, some considered wonders of the world, like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, some hard to reach, like the jungles in Borneo, as well as famous wonders in the U.S. like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.  Monument Valley in Utah ranks up there with the most wondrous places I have seen.  I bookended my time at Monument Valley first with a sunset visit, then the next morning at 6am with a sunrise explore.  The photos you see here are all from that very early even-pre-sunset time in Monument Valley.  So early, no one was at the gate to even pay to enter!  No one else had yet driven into the valley that morning.  I had the view of the two Mittens and Merrick Butte all to myself for awhile.  

For Classic Western Fans

For me as a classic western movie fan, to finally see this vista in person, and at sunrise and sunset, it was very special.  There is no more iconic western scene than the mesas of Monument Valley.  I was disappointed the clouds were so thick right at sunrise so I could not get a shot of the star-burst sunrise behind the East Mitten.  However, there were many other surprises like the fact you can drive 10+ miles into the valley!  And that wild horses just walk by you and you sit and eat a protein bar for breakfast.  

Kiki was with me of course, as always, and Jessica and her dog Artie too.  They were all patient as I had my Nikon D750 mounted on my tripod for a good 45 minutes taking photos periodically as the light changed from pre-dawn, to dawn to full on sunrise.  

Go Early for Sunrise

When you visit Monument Valley, wake up very early, get there before sunrise to have the place to yourself, and tell the mesas and the horses I said hello and thank you for a special morning.

Monument Valley Utah Sunrise Professional Photo Gallery