Albuquerque Commercial Photography Shoot - More than Organized with Miriam

Miriam of More than Organized in Albuquerque, New Mexico commercial photography

Having fun getting organized on a photo shoot!

I met Miriam at 1 Million Cups a few months ago and soon met with her for a 1-on-1 follow-up. I knew from her personality that we would have a great commercial photography photo shoot at her well organized home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is well organized because she is a certified professional organizer and the owner of More than Organized.

We used a pink wall in her house as the background for this creative headshot

It was a very varied photo shoot starting with headshots using a pink wall in her home. After just a little bit of furniture moving we had a studio quality background right in her house!

It was a bit of a challenge getting a photograph of her at her desk, but eventually a good off camera lighting and natural lighting combo was found, along with just the right composition to show her workspace, but not too much of it. Check out the BTS shot of the final setup above.

Miriam has a very fun personality and I wanted it to come out in the photos for sure. If you could only see all the outtake photos of Miriam nearly juggling glass plates, bottles and books that I took in between this more serious, but still fun photo of her in front of neatly organized shelves.

Thank you Miriam for a great shoot and for making it so entertaining!

Check out her website to contact her about getting help being more organized yourself!