El Paisano Supermarket Santa Fe Commercial Food Photography

A colorful meal in a colorful setting - Santa Fe New Mexico food photography at El Paisano Supermarket

Santa Fe Food Photography Marathon!

Over two long days of food photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I got to know El Paisano Supermarket and its owner Miguel pretty well! I spent nearly 10 hours in total photographing the food, aisles, and piñatas in this unique market. Featured here are a selection of foods from the restaurant and carniceria. In rapid succession meal after meal was brought in front of my lens. Miguel even helped out holding the reflector for many of the shots to help things go as efficiently as possible during the shoot. Really, all the staff pitched in during these two marathon shoots which lead to the great results you see below.

The next time you are in Santa Fe, stop in to El Paisano Supermarket and tell Miguel I said hello!

Colorful Santa Fe Professional Food Photography

Artistic Santa Fe Food Photography