Las Vegas New Mexico in an E46 BMW M3

A stunning road, State Rte 65 (Forest 263 Rd), is an amazing drive from Las Vegas to Gallinas

A truly free weekend in Las Vegas New Mexico

This is an unusual blog post for me as I do not usually post much personal content on this, my business website. It is also extremely rare that I have an entire weekend off, and even rarer that it is spent out of town on an overnight trip that was not part of a photo job. Then also I have not really talked about realizing a life long dream a few months ago of owning a proper sports car. However, a weekend trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico with Jessica and our dogs Kiki and Artie was that good I decided to share. This all came about because of the RSW Cruise 2019, otherwise it would never of happened!

Family time in Las Vegas, New Mexico

So many firsts!

A lot of firsts to talk about. The first would be even though we have passed through the outskirts of Las Vegas, New Mexico, this was our first real time in this historic town, and staying in the heart of it at the Historic Plaza Hotel was a real treat. It is a totally dog friendly hotel, with even a indoor eating space that allows dogs. Plus it is vegetarian friendly too with several menu options.

E46 BMW M3 around Las Vegas, New Mexico

The M3 makes its public debut

It was also the first road trip in the M3. Always the traveling I do is for photo and drone jobs require a lot of gear and most are even off road, so I take my trusty Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. Since I was not actually working this time, and only took a minimal amount of photo gear, and it was only one night, I could take the M3. I have not mentioned getting this car publicly much as it was the first time also I spent a lot of money on something not technically necessary. However, to me, for my overall well-being, to finally have a proper sports car brings many intangible benefits and some ineffable ones as well.

A great historic town

As you can see from the photos, we got a lot in for just really 32 hours away from home. We visited Storrie Lake State Park at sunset, then went to a double feature drive in movie after spending hours hanging out in the historic downtown area of Las Vegas all walking distance from the historic hotel. Then the next day we drove up the best road I have taken the M3 on to date, a proper driver’s road with twists and views. This road also took us past natural hot springs and a creek we all swam in, and through the town of Montezuma holding the hidden gem of The Dwan Light Sanctuary.

I cannot wait to go back and do it all again!