The Dwan Light Sanctuary at UWC-USA Photos

Prisms of light and rainbow colors inside The Dwan Light Sanctuary on the UWC-USA Campus

Light & Architecture Dance Together

Thanks to Jessica’s curiosity about the curious and the website Atlas Obscura, on a recent weekend trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico, we drove up a picturesque road to the United World College, checked in at the visitor’s center, and were handed a key card to The Dwan Light Sanctuary. This is a peaceful temple of sorts that uses architecture and prism widows to create a visual interior landscape of geometric design. I found it quite the unique space as my eye was drawn to both the architecture of the building itself, and the scattered light falling on its walls. This is a hidden gem of tranquility deep in northern New Mexico.

Exterior wooded view of The Dwan Light Sanctuary

Architecture plays with light at Dwan Light Sanctuary

Dwan Light Sanctuary dazzles with prisms and rainbows