Albuquerque Professional Food Photography at Buen Provecho

Hero food photography shot at Albuquerque restaurant Buen Provecho

3 leches was great!

Back out on another food photography assignment for UberEats in Albuquerque, New Mexico this morning at Buen Provecho. This restaurant is run by the very friendly Katia and features Costa Rican food and photography! It is a very small space in the new El Vado, with outside seating only. However, as you can see, there are big meals and very tempting desserts. In fact I got to take home the 3 leches and flan! The 3 leches in particular will have me back soon for more!

Thank you Katia for having all the food ready and for letting me take home some sweets. Thank you also to new assistant Laura for helping out on this shoot.