Winter in Valencia County Belen New Mexico Rural Land Real Estate Photography

Snow patches under a dramatic winter sky in rural Belen, New Mexico

Winter in the high desert

The past two weeks I have made three trips down to Belen, New Mexico in Valencia County, about 40 minutes south of Albuquerque for rural land photography shoots. The landscape and conditions out there changed dramatically in one week. Two weeks ago I could not even reach the property I made the top photo from. There was too much snow on the dirt road, so much I could not even see it and even my Jeep Renegade Trailhawk was starting to sink in it too much. I could not risk getting stuck some 4 miles off road with no help around. One week later the snow on the road was gone and the mud had dried up and I drove right to the property no problem.

The photos below are from the east side of Belen nearly 10 miles down dirt road. This property was at the end of the line as I call it, the last lot before the mountains and the only thing more stunning than the views was the privacy. You could do anything you wanted to as loud as you wanted to living this far out. I enjoyed my time there imagining how quiet one’s days could be.

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Winter New Mexico True Landscapes