Actor Headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico with Jake

Jake requested the black background after seeing my headshot portfolio in Albuquerque

As good as L.A. headshot photographers!

One of the biggest compliments I can get as a headshot photographer in Albuquerque is when an actor from L.A. chooses me as his headshot photographer, and after our session, says my work is a good as those photographers in L.A.! Thank you Jake for a great headshot session, your Google review, and for making my job very easy behind the camera by being so good yourself in front of it. Hire Jake!

Jake requested a black background headshot after seeing my headshot portfolio, but also a white background too! At the JCP Home Studio such a request is as simple as flipping my actual white and black background on its stand!

I have been rated a top 3 commercial photographer in Albuquerque, and still each shoot I do I try to best the previous shoot. That is the commitment to producing outstanding photos my clients get when they choose me as their photographer.