General Atomics Grand Opening Albuquerque New Mexico Event

Albuquerque New Mexico Mayor Tim Keller speaks at the General Atomics grand opening event

It is not everyday that one gets hired to photograph an event in Albuquerque New Mexico that is attended by the mayor, a Senator and a Congresswoman, but that is what I got to do as the photographer for the grand opening of General Atomics!  That is of course Mayor Keller in the above photo who I will have another chance to photograph soon for a Gladiators arena football team promotion.  

The Lobo Rainforest building is very cool inside and out.

General Atomics Albuquerque New Mexico location is in the cool Lobos Rainforest building near downtown ABQ.  As you can see, there are Rules of the Rainforest, but those rules start out by stating that thou shalt break rules!!

General Atomics executives with Senator Martin Heinrich and Representative Michelle Grisham and Mayor Keller

A lot of political representation for New Mexico in one photo!  Senator Martin Heinrich is center, with Representative Michelle Grisham to his left, and Mayor Tim Keller to her left.  They were all very personable and talked at length with event attendees.  

Lots of old friends reunited at this event for General Atomics in Albuquerque New Mexico

When I photograph these kinds of events, I often here people saying how they have not see this colleague, or this former co-worker in a long time.  It makes for a great atmosphere and lots of laughs.  Photographing events like these are probably my favorite thing to do as a professional photographer.  

A large crowd on hand for the grand opening speeches at General Atomics in Albuquerque New Mexico