White Sands New Mexico Day and Sunset

This anomaly in White Sands caught my eye and was where we spent an oasis - Nikon D750 with Tamron 15-30mm @ f/16 ISO 100 5-bracket HDR

Perhaps the most popular place in all of New Mexico for photographers, there would be no argument from me that this is the most spectacular scene in the state, and for me personally, what of the most amazing places I have been in the world.  It is a world of 50% blue and 50% white.  Those are the only colors needed.

Dog paw prints on White Sands National Monument which is a very dog friendly park - Nikon D750 with Tamron 15-30mm @ f/16 1/160th ISO 100 15mm

It is a dog friendly place, White Sands National Monument, and Kiki and Artie certainly enjoyed their time at White Sands just as much as Jessica and I did!  Maybe even more with infinite sand to dig holes in!  Their paw prints are the foreground to the above photo.

More paw prints.  Do they ruin or add to the photo?

Light and shadow are easy to find and photograph in White Sands.  I like contrast and the afternoon light cast long shadows on the east sides of sand dunes.  

50% white, 50% blue, that is the view White Sands offers - Nikon D750 with Tamron 15-30mm @ f/16 1/160th ISO 100 15mm

February I would think is one of the best months of the year to visit White Sands.  The temperature was in the 50s Fahrenheit and there were not many people.  Straying from the marked paths in the sand soon allowed complete solitude, such that one felt as if on another world, alone, but not lonely.  

Not until the sun begins to set do the colors of White Sands start to change.

The 50% blue and 50% white of White Sands does not get interrupted until the sun starts to set.  Then the white sand canvas gets painted with the sun's choice of color for that day.  Shadows went from gray to blue.  The sun chose orange for the sand canvas.

Yours truly waiting for the sun to set and the light to change - photo by an iPhone 8

It is important to appreciate your time in White Sands and not just go crazy taking photo after photo, which would be very easy to do.  I got my shots and my sunset shots, but paused and stepped away from my camera and tripod too.

Family photo atop White Sands