Canon XS 1-on-1 indoor light DSLR Photography Lesson with Suzanne St. Petersburg Florida

Suzanne relaxing after we finished our fourth 2-hour DSLR photography lesson together!When Suzanne bought her 4-pack of 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lessons in October of last year, I did not imagine we would only have the fourth one now in June!  This, though, has allowed her to add a valuable new piece of equipment to her gear bag, a Canon 430EX II Speelite which she wanted to learn to use in indoor settings.  For that I have brought students to Tyrone Mall in the past, however, this time may have been the last time possible for it as we first got kicked out of Sears then later (thankfully at the end of the lesson) from the entire mall itself!  In my times there before no one has said anything to me.  Still, we were able to practice all I wanted to show Suzanne with regards to using the directional, or bounce, abilities of her external flash.  

We even found a closed store that had tall, black velvet drapes blocking its entrance that made for a studio-like background.  After that we used a nook hidden in a hallway to see how bouncing the light off a rear wall, a side wall and straight ahead effects light on the subject (in this case me!).  I pointed out that having shadows on the face of the subject is not always bad and the headshot practice we did should hopefully allow her to make a better one of her brother-in-law, that is if he does not take advantage of my own $99 headshot service!

I enjoyed my lessons with Suzanne and perhaps we will meet again for more advanced off camera flash and digital photograph editing lessons!