Canon 60D & Canon T3i DSLR Photography Lesson St. Petersburg Florida with Danny & Doug

Left to Right: Doug with Canon 60D & Danny with Canon T3i during our DSLR photography lesson in St. PetersburgFirst off, I did not pose Doug & Danny like that in the above photo!  I did show them proper DSLR camera holding technique earlier which is why their stances look so similar.  Their lesson was the companion lesson to the one their wives took at the end of May with the same cameras, a Canon 60D and a Canon T3i.  Both lessons started out the same, though most of my lessons do, but as seen in the photo above we spent more practice on photographing moving subjects which they both seemed to like doing very much.  

Our lesson started at 9am to avoid the now near full-on Florida summer heat with us meeting in downtown St. Petersburg and over the course of the lesson we passed by many local points of interest like the Museum of History.  We ended our lesson by the two large banyan trees on Beach Drive for a little flash portrait practice, concluding a jam packed 2-hour photography lesson that was a lot of fun and I hope keeps Doug and Danny using manual mode for the most part!