Canon 60D & Canon T3i DSLR Photography Lesson St. Petersburg Florida with Brooke & Liz

This kapok tree has often been a test subject during my DSLR photography lessons in downtown St. PetersburgMy DSLR Photography Lesson with Brooke and her mom, Liz, was my first 9am lesson of the year as things are just getting too hot to start at 10am anymore.  We met at the usual downtown St. Petersburg spot in front of the Museum of Fine Art where we sat and had an introductory chat on how to set the major settings on Brooke's Canon 60D and Liz's Canon T3i.  I am familiar with both DSLRs so it was not difficult to switch back and forth from one camera to the next for instruction purposes.  They also had the exact same Canon 18-135mm lens which made things even more uniform.

I emphasized proper DSLR holding technique which not only results in a more stable shots, but also better ergonomics for changing settings and focal length while one's eye remains in the viewfinder.  We practiced our first shots on the kapok tree next to the museum before moving on to how to make a shot with bokeh.  We continued with how to photograph moving subjects before concluding with tips for making flash portraits in the shade.  All in all it was a very information packed 2-hour lesson!

I enjoyed our lesson this morning and actually I will teach their husbands in an upcoming lesson, which should be pretty interesting!