DSLR Photography Lesson with Golda & her Canon XTi

Golda photographing in the twilight sky of downtown St. Petersburg during our DSLR photography lessonI am starting to really like having DSLR Photography Lessons start at 7pm as the final 30-minutes of the lesson carries us into twilight.  Such was the case for my first of four lessons with Golda in downtown St. Petersburg.  She has had her Canon XTi for years, but for years was just using the various auto-modes.  In a total 180, I had her shooting in manual mode most of the time and she caught on quickly.  Having never really changed any settings on her DSLR before, she remembered surprisingly well how to adjust aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus mode in the ever changing light of a Florida sunset sky.

Quick photo tip: flash lights your subject, aperture & shutter speed control ambient light in portraits like thisAs we made our way toward Vinoy Park to photograph The Pier and the the downtown St. Petersburg skyline we practiced some action shots and talked more about the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and exposure while in manual mode.  Once at Vinoy Park, we were treated to a typically vivid sunset and then later twilight sky.  Despite having no tripod, I showed Golda how to as steadily as possible hold a DSLR for a low-light landscape shot.  We finished with a quick practice of flash portraits which we will resume in our next lesson.

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