Twilight Moonrise over The Pier St. Petersburg Florida landscape

Moonrise over The Pier St. Petersburg Florida - SETUP: f/5.6 ISO 200 1/40th handheld 

"Sometimes I can't believe in, I'm moving past the feeling again." -- Arcade Fire

As society moves further and further into illusion, the order of the natural world ever gets pushed more and more into the background.  This is one of my main motivating forces as a photographer.  I want to preserve the natural world while it is still visible for me to see.  This is the only way I currently know how to stop time.  As I have said before, I make photographs first and foremost for myself to look at.  If others dig them, so be it.

Every sunset to me seems the death of the world.  The sky closes its eyes.  Darkness falls.  Yet, in due time the world brightens again and, lo, there is another day.  

Yet I remain drawn to every sunset I see.  There has to be some escape through it.