DSLR Photography Lesson with Karin on product shots

A sample incomplete product shot of a Guy Harvey designed pillow in a homemade lightbox.New DSLR Photography Lesson student Karin has a booming pillow and cushion business featuring embroidered designs by Guy Harvey.  She has literally hundreds of variations of the pillows regarding design, color and border and she wants to have photographs of everyone one of those iterations on her business website for customers to browse and buy.  

She setup a very nice homemade lightbox (see my DIY attempt) in her office with multiple hot lights.  However, she was having white balance and overall image quality problems.  Well, I was able to sort out the white balance problem very quickly by setting her Canon XT with a custom white balance.  Thanks to Natasha who had a lesson earlier in the day and also has a Canon XT and showed me how to set the custom white balance on the XT!

After this we spent the rest of the lesson better arranging the proportions of the lightbox and discussing what photography gear Karin should next invest in.  Let's just say she is ready to make a significant investment!  I will be helping her get all her new stuff setup and running during our second lesson already scheduled for next week.  I am looking forward to continuing the interesting photography lesson-project with her! 

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