DSLR Photography Lesson with Donnice & her Minolta 7D

First time for me to see a Minolta DSLR during this downtown St. Petersburg photography lessonI first spoke with Donnic on the phone about having a DSLR Photography Lesson where she told me she was driving up to Ohio, but wanted a lesson just two days later.  Then she clarified that she was a truck driver.  As you can see in the above photograph, she does not look like what you might typically think a truck driver would!

Donnic bought a complete set of gear from a no longer working photographer that included a pair of Minolta DSLRs.  We used the Minolta 7D for our first lesson, which was also my first time to ever be hands on with a Minolta.  I did some online research about it before the lesson, but still, I had to hope I could find all the relevant buttons and figure out how to work the dials on the fly during the lesson.  I was pleased to find out that a Minolta is ergonomically quite similar to a Nikon (what I shoot with).  

Donnic was basically brand new to the formal photography world so I started the lesson with a careful explanation of aperture and ended the lesson having her doing some wildlife photography (of a kind)!  I think she did a good job of absorbing all the photography knowledge I poured out during our 2-hours together in downtown St. Petersburg.  Now she has the skill set to start practicing on her own, and knowing why a photo failed, and why one was a success.  

I look forward to our next lesson and getting to know her and her Minolta better!

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