Strobist DSLR Photography Lesson #2 with Steve

Steve in downtown St. Petersburg in a long shot strobist setup we were practicingSteve has taken a number of DSLR Photography Lessons ranging from an intro DSLR lesson to an editing lesson, and now on to his second strobist lesson.  Since our first strobist lesson, he has gotten Yongnuo remote flash triggers of his own so this time we could practice using long lenses for strobist shots.  

We used various downtown St. Petersburg locations that may in the future be used for Steve to photograph clients of his own.  Thus, half the time I acted as I usually do giving photography instruction, the other half I pretended to be a client letting Steve set everything up and instruct me how to pose, etc.  It is a big step to go from photographing just friends and family to photographing paying clients.  The camera will definitely feel different in your hand!

Steve has a friendly personality and is able to connect with people easily, so I am sure he will not have a difficult time finding clients when he is ready to start shooting paying gigs.   

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