DSLR Photography Lesson with Steve & his Canon XT

Steve recently stepped up from the point & shoot world to the DSLR world with his Canon XTWhen I first decided to offer DSLR photography lessons, I was thinking, "lots of people are buying DSLR cameras, but maybe realizing they are nowhere near as easy to use as their old point & shoot digital cameras.  There must be a market for people wanting to take lessons."  Steve fit exactly into that category.  He recently graduated from his point and shoot to a Canon XT with a pair of lenses and an external flash.  Like many people new to DSLRs, he was mostly using auto mode and not happy with the results.  The lessons I offer are designed to directly address that issue and get a person off auto mode forever (hopefully) after just a single 2-hour lesson.

It is not often I meet someone who can talk about Rhode Island, but besides our photography conversation, we also talked about the Ocean State, which I welcomed.  Steve reminded me of places I had not thought of in over 20 years, like good old Rocky Point Park, which he said is no longer open.  Maybe it will turn into a haikyo?

As is often the case, Steve was surprised and impressed with what one can do with an external flash in broad daylight.  We already have our next lesson scheduled for later this week! 

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