An eventful 2nd DSLR Photography Lesson with Kelley in downtown Saint Petersburg

As we were setting up to practice off camera flash, this woman offered to be our model!My second DSLR Photography Lesson with Kelley was most unusual, which made it most enjoyable.  We covered a wide range of photography skills, from manual focus of a staged action, to fast moving action, to street photography, to actual model shooting!  The latter happened while we were setting up near Central Avenue to practice some more off camera flash portrait shooting techniques.  A group of three people walked by, including the above woman, and she offered to be a model for us!  This saved me from having to do all the posing for Kelley's practice so I was very thankful.  We both liked this so much, that are already booked third lesson will focus on seeing how many of these "street models" we can get!

Behold, Kelley brought with him the new Canon 100mm f/2.8 L macro lens!

The big news was Kelley's purchase of two new lenses, both Canon L series lenses, the 100mm macro IS lens, and the 35mm f/1.4 prime lens!  Such investment in high quality lenses will secure at least ten years of great images produced using them.  There was rather a dearth of pleasing macro subjects, but we did stumble upon a few scraggly blossoms to get a tiny bit of macro practice on.  

Kelley proved to not be shy in asking a second woman to be a street model for us.  I was impressed.  Once we get the kinks ironed out of the off camera flash situation with his kit, we will be right back into the street model genre for our third lesson next week.  I like Kelley's ambition and commitment to unusual types of photography.