DSLR Photography Lesson with Rhonda . . . and Mike!

Rhonda focuses her new Sigma 70-300mm lens mounted on her Canon XT during our first DSLR photography lesson in downtown Saint PetersburgThe sun made a semi-surprising appearance for the first DSLR photography lesson with Rhonda...and Mike who was there unofficially, though most welcome.  The forecast had rain in it, but hardly even any clouds and temperatures warm enough for my first jacket-less lesson in awhile.  Mike called me up last week wanting to book a lesson for his wife Rhonda as a present, which is becoming an increasingly popular type of lesson booking.  

We met at the usual downtown Saint Petersburg spot and having ample sunlight could start out with positioning ourselves to make the best exposure possible by putting our back to the sun and pointing our shadows at the subject we wanted to photograph.  

Mike was a good sport being a model for Rhonda all day during our DSLR photography lesson!

We covered a fairly wide range of photography topics during the 2-hour lesson, even having time to practice a little daylight flash portrait photography.  I learned from Rhonda, the family photographer, that there are many photos of Mike in the places they have traveled to, but few of her since she is always behind the lens.  It seems like for our next lesson we should practice using the tripod and self-timer so Rhonda can get into the shot too!

Rhonda and Mike make a good photography team and I am sure with what we learned in our first lesson today that Rhonda will have even better photographs of Mike at the next place they travel too!  Thanks to Mike for being a good sport all day long being our test subject and to Rhonda for being such an attentive student.