DSLR Photography Lesson with Dina at Sunken Gardens

DSLR Photography Lesson with Dina at Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg

Most of my DSLR Photography Lessons are in downtown Saint Petersburg, but this time I started out my photography week with a lesson at lush and shady Sunken Gardens with Dina.  She was already a competent photographer and capable with her Nikon D60 and Nikkor 18-50mm and 70-300mm lenses, so what we focused on during our lesson were a few finer points of what light to look for and how to get a sharp focus across a variety of on and off tripod situations.  This was yet another fun lesson for me.

As part of my DSLR Photography Lessons, I include a portrait of the student.

We also practiced macro photography a lot during our lesson.  One may think macro photography is one of the easier types of photography, but in reality it is really tricky and takes a great deal of patience and skill to do well out in the field.  

Thanks to Dina for driving across the bay for our lesson!


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