Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce Albuquerque New Mexico Car Photography

This beautiful Alfa Romeo could be yours from Bonhams Auction House during Monterey Car Week 2019

First time shooting for Bonhams Auction House in Santa Fe

I got a sudden call from Bonhams Auction House to photograph a beautiful Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce up in Santa Fe this week. This was a very nice surprise! I contacted the owner and arranged a time to bring my camera and tripod to make auction style photographs of the car. Shooting a car for auction photographs means shooting it from every single angle to start, then if it is a convertible like this Alfa Romeo is, repeating that with the top down! My favorite part of the shoot is being freed from the tripod to walk around the car with my macro lens on looking for unique details of the car. I finish with using off camera flash to make the interior shots.

If you are interested in buying this special Alfa Romeo, it will be for sale via Bonhams Auction House during Monterey Car Week 2019.

Thanks to James for helping the shoot go smoothly and efficiently. I hope the car sells for a great price, and I look forward to photographing your Aston Martin in the near future!

Striking red and white exterior color combo

Off camera flash helps make interior & engine photos pop

Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce from all angles