Skyscraper Window Architecture Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico

Repeating patterns are something I like to feature in architecture photography - Albuquerque New Mexico

Architecture Photography Tips for Albuquerque

I used to get to make architecture photos a lot, actually, when teaching DSLR photography lessons in Florida. I would meet my students in downtown St. Petersburg or Tampa where there are both tall office buildings and fancy skyscraper condos too. So i found myself in downtown ABQ last Friday evening and realized, I have not seen a view like this before so pointed my Nikon with 50mm lens on up toward this interesting building.

3 things to look for in architecture photo composing

What I often look for when photographing architecture are there three things:

1.) repeating patterns

2.) an interesting part of a building

3.) can I get an angle of the structure to point toward one corner of the frame?

The above photo has all three things. Often in photography photographing the entire thing is not the most interesting photo of that thing. This is often the case with buildings. I can see the whole building with my naked eye. As a photographer, show me something I cannot see just standing there.

Then a repeating pattern adds a lot of interest to a photo. Not every building has repeating patterns, but when they do, I like to feature them. Look for repeating patterns elsewhere too in say a row of bikes for example.

Then whenever possible I like a line of the subject to go toward a corner of the frame. Here the top of the building does not perfectly align with the upper right corner, but it is close enough for the viewer’s eye to be carried in that direction. This again adds visual interest and shows me a view I do not see just standing there with the naked eye.

Try out these photo tips and post a comment below with how they worked for you!