Valley of Fires New Mexico 4K Drone Video Mavic Pro

A few months ago I went to Dona Ana County, New Mexico for the first time for a rural land photography shoot and drone video flight.  I visited White Sands on the way back, and after that the desert highway took me through a wild landscape of lava.  There was no time to stop then, but on my return to the area for another photo and drone shoot in Cloudcroft, I made sure I had time to stop and fly my DJI Mavic Pro drone over the Valley of Fires!

In the 4K drone video above, you can see just how expansive this lava field is, going on for miles and miles.  Even the drone up at 400 feet can only photograph a portion of it as you can see in the photo gallery below.  This was an amazing place and yet another hidden gem found in New Mexico.  

Visit the Valley of Fires website for more info.