Albuquerque Professional Food Photographer Two Cranes Bistro

The wide variety in food available at Two Cranes Bistro in Albuquerque New Mexico

10 dish hero food photo

Having done dozens and dozens of shoots for UberEats, this morning was my first one for Grubhub. The latter has similar photography requirements to the former, but a lot more dishes! As you can see in the hero shot above, there are way more than just 5 dishes in it, as I shot 15 total for this Grubhub professional food photography shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I managed to get 10 of the 15 in the final hero shot. A big thanks to Jacob and his team at Two Cranes Bistro + Brews for getting all this food in front of my lens very efficiently. And also for having a vegan Beyond Cheeseburger on the menu! I look forward to returning as a customer!

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