San Mateo Inn Albuquerque Commercial Hotel Photography

Using creative angles to best photograph a city hotel in Albuquerque New Mexico

Creative angles to best show off city hotels

Thanks to a great referral from networking friend Coralee (she sells commercial real estate), I had the opportunity to photograph the San Mateo Inn which is under new management and in the process of improving its branding and marketing, the first step was getting professional commercial photographs of the interior and exterior of the hotel. It is my custom whenever possible to start with the exteriors, because you never know when the weather may change, so if it is good, then shoot the exteriors first! After that I made my way inside to photograph the lobby and guest areas.

When photographing properties like this, I highlight the best angles for showing off the property. Even though the hotel sits at a busy city intersection, I wanted to show it can be a green, tranquil, and welcoming place to stay. Thank you again for the referral Coralee! (I gave her a thank you headshot session.)

Interior Exterior Commercial Hotel Photography in Albuquerque