New Mexico Rural Land Photography Rio Rancho 4-16-2018

Rural Land Photography in Sandoval County Rio Rancho New Mexico off of Northern Blvd - 5-bracket HDR with Nikon D750 and Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 lens tripod mounted

I have photographed dozens and dozens of rural land properties in New Mexico over the past year.  I believe I am the best at what I do in the state in terms of the photos I produce, and the service I offer.  My clients just have to give me the GPS coordinates, any notes about that particular property, and then no matter where the land is in the state, I get it done.  I now offer 4K drone video for these rural land properties too.  This additional service makes me unique in the state of New Mexico as a complete, professional go anywhere, anytime photographer and drone pilot for rural land properties.  

Just check out Hemingway Land Company's Google Review of my rural land photography and drone video services:

Our company invests in rural, vacant and undeveloped land. We’re speculators who buy at one price and try as quickly as possible to sell at another for a profit. As most of our leads come from people searching for property online it’s important that our listings stand out with photography that not only represents the property well but helps to show it in as favorable a light as possible.

As we’re essentially selling dirt this is not the easiest thing to do. We hire Jason to photograph and in some situations create drone video content for our properties and we do this because quite simply his work is of a standard and quality you don’t find with most photographers.

His imagery is always compelling and his subtle manipulations of light always deft and poetic. We have sold tracts of land as expensive as $20k, $30K and $40K and we’ve done so in meer days, and while I’d like to believe that has something to do with our competitive prices and expert staff, the fact of the matter is it was Jason’s work that caught our customer’s attention in the first place.

Our properties would not be seen by the same volume of people that currently see them, or sold at the same pace they are sold at, if it weren’t for his always stunning photography. Any land seller or realtor who doesn’t get photos taken of their properties is doing themselves a tremendous disservice.

To those smart enough to realize it’s an integral part of marketing and selling your properties, I’d highly recommend hiring Jason to provide photographic and video services.
— Hemingway Land Company

See more of my photo and drone work for my main client, Hemingway Land Company, and note the number of sold signs!