Rail Yards Albuquerque New Mexico TapIntoABQ Event 2018

Seating for 180 inside Rail Yards Albuquerque New Mexico for the TapIntoABQ event presented by the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce

I have explored many haikyo (abandoned places) around the world, but I have never photographed an event in one before!  Likewise, if you have been to the Rail Yards Market before, maybe you have never seen the Rail Yards of Albuquerque quite like this either!  Inside the massive hangar, even seating for 180 people looks small.  That is what I discovered photographing the 2018 TapIntoABQ event for the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.

Photographing an event in such a unique location, I looked for way to feature this uniqueness in the composition of my event photographs.  The old plate glass windows have many missing and broken panels.  In the gallery below you will see how I used these openings to frame the happenings of the event.  I composed from a high angle the long tables showing the still in place rail lines in the floor.  The architecture of the metal arches in the rafters were of particular interest to me, having them in frame to contrast with the people mingling and dining below.

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