Psychologist Headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico with Heather

Modern professional impactful headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico

Best Psychologist Headshots in Albuquerque

Heather contacted me wanting headshots to represent her as the professional she is, a psychologist. She even came to Albuquerque all the way from Arizona having specifically sought me out to be her headshot photographer after doing extensive online research! I am very glad that Heather chose me as her headshot photographer and traveled over 3 hours because it was a very fun shoot as her partner and her dog were in studio too! It was a lot of fun, and also as you can see some fantastic headshots with a lot of impact were made.

Not beauty dish setup this time

You may notice this is not my typical lighting style for headshots. Since Heather wanted a more serious look, but also for it to be creative, I did not use my typical beauty dish lighting setup. This time I put a 42” Cheetahstand SoupBowl (round) softbox to camera right, but kept the silver reflector in place in front of the Heather that I use in the beauty dish setup. The results you can see are more shadow on the face, letting the light reveal what it does in more dramatic fashion, especially when combined with shooting on a black background. You can see the exact lighting setup I used in the BTS shot below.

Thank you Heather for driving all the way from Arizona and thank you for letting me be creative in my suggestions for your headshots. These images were actually among the very last ones we made, through a process of getting the look and feel just right.

Black Background Headshots are great converted to Black & White

Black background headshots look great converted to black and white

BTS lighting setup for dramatic headshots in Albuquerque