Albuquerque New Mexico Food Photography Papa Felipes

Albuquerque Food Photography at Papa Felipes hero shot - Nikon D750 with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens using natural light and a silver reflector to frame left

Back on another food photography assignment for UberEats in Albuquerque, New Mexico this time at Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant in the northeast area of the city.  It was great to meet Karen and Larry who had the food all out quickly and were helpful holding the reflector for the hero shot above!  I find people really like to be impromptu photographer's assistants!

Natural light food photography in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Papa Felipes Mexican Restaurant

I really enjoy these UberEats food photography assignments as they take me inside a place I have never been before, getting to see some new little secret world, which is how I think of restaurants in my mind.  Having worked in restaurant kitchens my entire high school life, I know each day there are different dramas and situations like a delivery not arriving that need to be overcome, but all this is hidden from the customers.  So every time I go to a restaurant I think to myself, "what drama is playing out in the kitchen that we have no idea of?"

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