New Mexico Whiptail Lizard in Valley of Fires

New Mexico Whiptail Lizard who did not mind having its photo taken at all!

A whiptail lizard friend among lava

I met this new friend in the Valley of Fires.  It was hanging out on a metal grill by a picnic table (see photo below).  I only now learned it is a New Mexico whiptail lizard.  Let's just say the lizard was female for convenience sake.  She was on the aforementioned metal grill first, which is not the best backdrop to photograph a wild creature on.  I got a few quick shots though because I wanted to fly my drone over the lava fields.  When I was done flying, the lizard had moved onto to some twigs -- a much better background!  I was using my new Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Macro lens for the latter shots, which can focus less than a foot away from a subject.  I just kept getting closer and closer to the lizard, and she did not move at all!  Thank you friendly whiptail for hanging out and letting me make your portrait!